Geothermal Projects

K-12, Remedial Geothermal System
Remedial Ground Source Heat Pump system, to replace the entire existing heating system
Refunction major airside systems; Energy Recovery Ventilators
Refunction existing Horizontal Loopfield and supplement with Vertical Loopfield; 60 vertical boreholes
Replace DDC Controls and Sequences.
System goal achieved; maximized COP (Coefficient of Performance) to produce 300% of original heating output without altering the existing electrical service or estimated annual electrical consumption

K-12 GSHP Remediation                                                                                    Vertical Borefield Drilling-60 new bores

New Exposed Sheet Metal Ductwork                                                            Vertical Borefield Header Pair Manifolds

Building Heating Water Distribution Pumps                                                Ground Heat Exchanger Injection Pumps

Orthopedics Building
Pictured in page header, above
LEED Gold Certified Building, 2008 Colorado Renewable & Sustainable Building of the Year Award
Ground Source Heat Pump system, utilizing a loopfield of 28 vertical boreholes
LEED Credits for Water Use Reduction and for Innovative Design; total reduction of 54 percent  

Animal Shelter
Designed to 100%
LEED Certified Building, Platinum attempt
Ground Source Heat Pump system, with 100% ventilation for healthy animal kennels
DDC Control system to integrate natural ventilation for kennels when ambient air conditions are suitable for 100% ventilation use
DDC Control system also provides electrical consumption tracking and load shedding
LEED Credits for Water Use Reduction and Innovative Design; total reduction of 53 percent
LEED Credits for Refrigerant with low Global Warming and Ozone Depletion Potential